WOCP Museum Information

Suggested Rules for WOCP Museum Judging


 1.  All china presented for WOCP Museum selection must have been painted within the previous 12 months of the competition.  

 2.  Seminar pieces may be displayed but may not be entered as a Museum selection. 

 3.  All china must be signed to be judged. The name of the artist should be covered during voting. 

 4.  The artist must submit a signed release with each of the pieces to be voted on.  The artist shall determine a realistic value, considering the cost of insurance and shipping. 

 5.  Only pieces with a signed release will be numbered for voting. The release should stay with the piece until it is numbered.  

 6.  All club members should meet the deadline for set-up. Preparations must be made to begin the voting. 

 7.  A voting cut-off time will be determined to allow sufficient time for vote counting.   

 8.  Only WOCP Members may vote. There will be, for example, 4 votes per ballot but only one vote per piece. The vote will not count if all votes are for one piece and if the voting member does not sign the ballot. 

 9.  The previous years Museum pieces should be displayed for members to pick up.  These pieces should be picked up prior to the close of the voting for the new competition. Current winning pieces should be displayed for members and guests to see. 

 10. The number of pieces for the state is determined by the state membership total.   

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World Organization of China Painters Logo

WOCP Museum Exhibit Contract

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WOCP Museum Exhibit Contract - Junior Division

wocp_museum_contract_juniordiv_052207 (pdf)