Nancy's Supply List

8 x 10 Tile


What I will have for sale: You do not need to buy anything prior to this class – use what you already have.  If you do not have an item – don’t worry. I have a nice supply of all products needed for sale.

I prefer that you purchase luster from me for this class as they are already conditioned for immediate painting. You can still use your own lusters – I just cannot guarantee the results.

You may not use everything on the list, so do not worry! We can also share things that get forgotten.

  • Lusters
  • Essence
  • Non-ping or raise paste (or similar products)
  • I-relief (if you have it or I will have some to sell)
  • Water base medium for mixing paint
  • Metallic Paint
  • Turpenoid Natural (to clean brushes + jar to clean brushes)
  • Red Resist - water base + brush for resist
  • Palette knife
  • Bring your tools that are necessary to work with on your project.
  • Mask – if you do not like the smell. I buy 3M 8577 Niosh P95 (it has a plastic knob on the tip & is disposable) at Home Depot or Menard’s. I will bring extra to sell. COST  around $9.00. Most people don’t need a mask.
  • Box or container to get wet items safely home to do last fire.

Seminar Agreement



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